set_absent("Dorn", "Zuel", "Mádration"); if ($_GET['dm']=='yes') $xp->enable_dmnotes(); links(); ?>

Chapter 4 of the Fællon Wey Mountain Chronicles

add("Orion", 450, "Additional 200+250XP awarded to Orion for in-town storyline and storyline of sword"); $xp->add("Seeker", 200, "Additional 200XP awarded to Seeker and Mádratrian for in-town storyline"); $xp->add("Mádration", 200); ?>

Grom walks into the middle tent and immediately hears a clamor of voices in his head. They are so real he believes absolutely that they exist and looks around, wondering where the people are.

add("Grom", 50, "Grom gets psychotic for 5 hours, earnestly believes the voices he hears in his head"); ?>

Seeing the fire die down, Seeker leaves to go looking for timber and discovers a strange trail made by an unknown creature. He returns to camp, climbs on top of the ledge, and watches for ½ an hour. While climbing Seeker stumbles and knocks his knee good, making it tingle with pain and weak. Eventually the tingle and pain subsides and Seeker returns to wood gathering to brings back 5 branches about 2-3 inches in diameter and about 2-3 feet in length.

add("Seeker", 70, "finding trail made by silipede. Seeker takes 2 HP of subdual damage, 20xp+50xp to Seeker"); ?>

Grom sits by the firepit and goes through the things in his backpack he got from the Nurses Post. He puts things on to try them out. Kaira asks to see the medallion and figures out what it is. She asks to keep it since it would be good for her to use. A cute little smile goes a long ways in convincing him. They share in the treasure trove secretly. He doesn't discover anything particularly of worth to figuring out what these things do except for the canteen. He opens it and tastes it, it tastes like clean fresh water. He pours some out and notices the canteen still appears full. He goes to the downward path and begins emptying the canteen by the corner of the encampment ledge. After five minutes of pouring he realizes the canteen isn't going to empty any time soon.

He also realizes with some amusement that there is now a large sheet of very slippery ice from one side of the path to the other and traveling about 30 feet down the path. The water went down the path and eventually over the side of the cliff edge, freezing rapidly.

As he is finishing up his moment of curiosity, he turns to walk away from the firepit still wearing everything in the backpack. At this moment a loud scream tears out of the middle tent. The scream is coming from Orion. Jarlil is immediatelys awoken by the scream.

add("Grom", 100, "ice sheet and playing with backpack treasures"); $xp->add("Kaira", 100, "ice sheet and playing with backpack treasures"); ?>

Grom comes running full tilt toward the tent, Kaira beats him to the entrance of the tent and tries to prevent him from entering the tent. Grom deftly evades Kaira's grasp and slips into the tent anyway.

add("Grom", 50, "tent bender"); $xp->add("Kaira", 50, "tent bender"); ?>

Grom shoots inside and is transformed into a high speed flying tangle of rubbery legs and arms and lands on Orion's face.

add("Grom", 35, "Grom gets zapped by tent curse, suffering rubber limbs rubber for 2hrs"); ?>

Orion tosses Grom off him and explodes out of the tent, sword drawn. He barely misses Kaira who is obscured by the tent flap in his charge and pushes her off behind him in his rage. In that hair splitting second he sinks his sword deeply into the first individual he sees horrifyingly, which is Seeker.

add("Seeker", 140, "gets orion's sword in his belly"); $xp->add("Orion", 140, "psycho break, attacks seeker"); ?>

Kaira reaches out with her mind to scan Orion's mind, sensing his emotions and motives, trying to establish a reason behind this dangerous outbreak.

add("Kaira", 35, "psy-scan"); ?>

Jarlil, recognizing the danger of this particular rage, attempts to club Orion unconscious. Unfortunately his aim was slightly off and his mace swings freely missing Orion.

Both the dwarf and the ranger remain sound asleep despite the chaos erupting around them. The wizard, Mádratrian, emerges from the tent to see what the commotion is about.

Grom half rolls and half stumbles his way out of the tent as Seeker painfully staggers back out of range hiding behind the fire. He desperately grabs for some heal patches and puts the first on.

His opponent near mortally wounded, Orion turns in rage to attack Jarlil. Jarlil sensing an opportunity quickly pulls his mace around and swings, striking Orion solidly. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to knock him unconscious in one blow.

add("Jarlil", 350, "role play, knocking orion for 15pts subdual"); $xp->add("Orion", 165, "role play, took 15pts subdual"); ?>

Orion responds by swinging his sword wildly, missing Jarlil. Kaira yells at Orion to stop. Jarlil steps in to grab tight onto Orion but misses and quickly steps back. The group wizard quickly twists his fingers in a familiar pattern and a small spray of magic erupts from his fingers, enveloping Jarlil, Kaira, and Orion. His attempt to put them to sleep was a quick thinking however all three shrugged off the effects without a pause.

10xp to Jarlil, 35xp to Mádratrian add("Jarlil", 10, "grapple attempt w/ orion"); $xp->add("Mádration", 35, "sleep spell"); ?>

Grom drunkenly attaches to Orion, tells him to stop attacking. Meanwhile, out of sight of the raging Orion, Seeker, drenched in blood, grabs more heal patchs and slaps them all around the bloody mess of his abdomen.

add("Seeker", 85, "use of heal patches for 2HP and role playing"); $xp->add("Grom", 50, "role playing"); ?>

The bout of rage subsiding as quickly as it appeared, Orion drops to knees in a shaking and confused mess and crosses hands on chest, head bowed. The quivering continues as the adrenaline leaves his system.

add("Orion", 50, "role playing"); ?>

Kaira telepathically tries to reach Grom who is suffering from a never ending multitude of voices in his head and limbs as weak as boiled spaghetti. Eventually Grom distinguishes her voice from the many and replies, "I got tented again!" he says. "What's wrong Orion?" she turns and asks, "I .. I don't know...?? Where am I?" Orion replies in a slow confused manner. "You just impaled Seeker on your sword!" she says quickly.

add("Kaira", 35, "psy-conversation"); ?>

Again she reaches out to Grom, "do you know what's wrong with him?" Struggling to keep his sanity admist the bevy of voices, in a quiet yell, he replies "Orion needs help!" Kaira focuses with her mind to sense empathically whether there is another entity controlling Grom.

add("Kaira", 35, "psy-conversation"); ?>

Mádratrian runs up to the group and yells out "What's going on?" Grom attempts to cast colorspray and fumbles the somatic intricacies needed to call the powers of the spell into creation.

add("Grom", 35, "color spray"); ?>

Jarlil whops Grom upside the head trying to subdue the growing conflict and Grom falls to the ground slowly as he sees stars for a moment.

add("Jarlil", 90, "subdual knockout of Grom"); $xp->add("Grom", 90, "got subdual knockout from Jarlil"); ?>

Kaira presses for an answer, "what is going on with Orion? Why is he attacking Seeker and do you still hear these other voices?" Sliding in and out of his grasp of reality, his only answer is "mommy hurt - yes." Jarlil too is quite wondering what is going on to cause the turmoil. "Wanna explain what is going on?" "No idea." she replies. "Orion" she calls again.

Orion had retreated into the tent and was desperately trying to make sense of the moment. He was ignoring everyone outside. In response, Jarlil picks up the side of the tent and starts shaking it and flipping it over. He dislodges Orion on the inside who loses his balance and rolls around in the tent.

add("Jarlil", 60, "role playing, tossing tent around"); $xp->add("Orion", 60, "role playing, got tripped inside tent"); $xp->add("Kaira", 35, "psy-conversation"); ?>

Grom rambles on with little of his sentences meaning anything to those standing around, "leave him alone for now - the blue people are ok, it's raining outside - leave Grom alone - help me please .. help me please." Both Kaira and Jarlil spend a few moments again trying to make sense of what Grom is saying and what happened with Orion. Jarlil finally dislodges Orion from the tent who comes crawling out and promptly tries to pick up Grom.

50xp to Kaira, Jarlil, and Grom add("Jarlil", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Orion", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Kaira", 50, "role playing"); ?>

Jarlil steps between them however and asks "Why did you shish-ka-bob Seeker?" Orion claims no memory of what happened and makes a few movements in apparent effort to reach Grom.

Grom is finally able to communicate to Kaira that he got "tented again" and Jarlil gets the story from Kaira.

Meanwhile, Seeker drags himself over to the sleeping dwarf's pack and starts digging for some of his heal patches. Dorn wakes up and with a snort asks what he's doing. Seeker's bloody clothing seems convincing enough that the dwarf mumbles approval and is quickly snoring again. It's utterly amazing that the dwarf was able to sleep through the entire ordeal.

add("Jarlil", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Seeker", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Dorn", 50, "role playing"); ?>

Seeker puts down the pack, grabs his stuff, and starts leaving. Curious, Jarlil asks him where he's going. "Why should I stay? I'm better off alone, I got sworded!" "Wait, I'll come with you. I'd prefer your service."

"I'll wait a short while for you further up the trail, but I'm not staying in this camp." Seeker says. He then walks out. He will find a spot just off to the side of the trail about 150 feet up the trail.

add("Jarlil", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Seeker", 50, "role playing"); ?>

Jarlil turns to Kaira and asks what happened. Kaira, having pieced together Grom's rambling, explains. "It seems to be an effect of the Tent Curse. Tell Seeker to come back, it was a tent thing."

Instead, Jarlil lays down to catch up on some sleep and the rest of the camp quickly follow suit. The wizard, Orion, and Grom go into the third tent and all seems quiet.

50xp to Seeker, Grom, Jarlil, and Kaira, and Orion add("Jarlil", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Seeker", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Grom", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Kaira", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Orion", 50, "role playing"); ?>

Sensing the faltering unity of the team, Kaira takes a walk up the trail to reason with Seeker and get him to return to the encampment. He is adamant about not returning tonight and insists that he is better off alone right now. In the midst of their conversation a giant owl suddenly flies right past them and they both duck. Luck must have been on their side, the talons missed by little more than a cats whisker.

add("Seeker", 250, "role playing"); $xp->add("Kaira", 250, "role playing"); ?>

Seeker immediately jumps closer to the trees and quickly starts runing up the trail. Kaira quickly glances around again and then runs swiftly back to the camp. Just a half dozen steps from the edge of the group, she feels talons grab hold of her. Twisting sharply she manages to shake free of the grasp and continues her dash into the camp.

add("Seeker", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Kaira", 60, "role playing and 1HP damage from owl"); ?>

Reaching the camp, Kaira quickly informs Grom of the giant owl. Grom turns and tries to wake up Orion, thumping him repeatedly in the face with his rubbery arms. "Bird bird bird now!" he manages to get out. Orion stumbles awake and starts putting his gear back on.

add("Kaira", 35, "psy-conversation"); ?>

Even more sleepy than previously, the dwarf and ranger continue their snores. The same can be said for the wizard, his snores waft through the side of the tent.

Dashing up the path, Seeker again hears the owl at the very last moment and darts sideways into the trees heading upward.

Grom bumps Orion and starts his now familiar rolling stumble out of tent and notices an unusual creature wrapped around the wizard. His eyes grow wide and he squeeks for Kaira. Orion wakes from the bump and manages to wake Dorn who quickly pulls his gear on, battle axe at the ready.

add("Kaira", 150, "role playing"); $xp->add("Seeker", 150, "role playing"); ?>

In the distance the owl continues it's pursuit of Seeker who is quickly and stealthily moving upwards, away from the path, in the trees. Thicker cover is certainly a wise move for the moment.

Grom stands outside the tent blabbering replies to random parts of conversations going on in his head. Orion turns and asks Grom for a crossbow bolt. It comes as no surprise that Grom manages to stick Orion with the bolt rather than hand it to him. Now is not the time for Grom to be handling delicate items.

add("Grom", 10, "scratches orion with paralyzing bolt"); $xp->add("Orion", 10, "takes minor damage from grom's bolt. paralyzed in 2 rnds for 10 min"); ?>

Orion grabs for some bolts out of Grom's backpack and manages to get five of them. Grom in quite an estranged mindset pulls out another bolt and pokes Orion again.

add("Grom", 10, "scratches orion with paralyzing bolt again"); $xp->add("Orion", 10, "Orion grabbed 2 normal bolts, 1 paralyze and 2 extra damage damage bolts, 10xp to Grom, Orion for second bolt hit. Orion will be paralyzed in 3 rounds for another 30 minutes, 40 total."); ?>

Kaira draws blades and moves several steps from the upward mouth of cave. She yells to dwarf "Big owl outside attacking!" "Where?" he responds, "Outside!" "Outside is a big place!" he remarks. "In the air?" she replies testily.

add("Dorn", 50, "role playing"); $xp->add("Kaira", 50, "role playing"); ?>

Orion starts to take a step and realizes his body is not within his control anymore - he is paralyzed! Luckily he was standing near the fire. Jarlil having seen the bolt poking and Orion now paralyzed, reaches out and Grom gets thumped unconscious.

Grom, Orion begins first 10 minutes of being paralyzed add("Jarlil", 50, "knocks out grom, 5HP of subdual"); $xp->add("Grom", 50, "gets knocked out again"); ?>

Kaira quickly lights a torch and walks out to the path maintaining a defensive stance, then moves near the dwarf. Dorn, looking around, is confused, asked what happened to everyone. Kaira explains the story again, ending with Seeker choosing to go alone.

Moments after the explaination leaves her mouth she sees the owl make pass at dwarf, who doesn't notice a thing. She quickly points out the pass the owl made and the dwarf turns to search the skies. She mentally reaches for Grom to pass the warning and feels silence. She tries again and on the third attempt a few minutes later, finds his mental presence.

Grom groggily begins waking up and asks Kaira what is going on. Feeling like the narrator of the night, she explains, again.

add("Kaira", 150, "psy powers"); ?>

Meanwhile the dwarf loses interest in searching the night sky for the owl and notices Orion standing motionless. A particular bout of mischeviousness strikes him. Hearing the loud snoring from the wizard, an idea strikes him. He pulls open the tent door and disappears inside.

Grom tells Kaira to hold him, he's scared and Kaira drags Grom's limp frame next to fire. Orion, meanwhile, is fully aware of his surroundings but unable to respond. He is acutely aware of one side of him staying nicely warmed by the fire and the other side of him growing colder by the moment.

Further, he is entirely aware of the dwarf poking him and laughing, the dwarf appears to be busy wrapping something around his waist. Indeed, the dwarf took great humor in swiping a pair of underwear from the wizard, cutting them open to fit, and tying them around the waist of Orion.

add("Dorn", 250, "role playing - underwear"); $xp->add("Grom", 100, "role playing"); $xp->add("Kaira", 100, "role playing"); ?>

Kaira turns to the dwarf, "Where is the wizard?" "He's snoring" he chuckles and points to the tent.

Kaira kicks the tent, her foot connecting with the wizard. "Wake up!" she says barks. Kaira barely has time to turn back to the fire when a shrill shriek pierces the night followed by the wizard bolting full speed out of the tent ½ dressed. Babbling frantically about something in the tent, he comes to rest on the far side of the fire pit.

add("Kaira", 10, "kicking Mádration"); $xp->add("Mádration", 100, "role playing"); ?>

The dwarf goes to investigate, sees something coiled up in the wizard's warm bedding and mutters "by almighty Clanggedin! What is that??"

Orion feels the paralysis wearing off rapidly and tears off wizards underwear, turns and kicks Grom on head again, knocking him unconscious once more.

Seeing the object of his malcontent, he walks up behind dwarf and lifts his leg to shove him into the tent. Humorously he fumbles his strike as dwarf turns to say something and both fall in a heap 1/2 inside the tent.

add("Dorn", 100, "role playing"); $xp->add("Orion", 100, "role playing"); $xp->add("Grom", 50, "getting knocked out again by orion kicking him"); ?>

Mádratrian continues to rapidly babble about something in the tent. Orion and the dwarf now inside the tent, see the silipede curled up in wizard's bedding. Orion makes to attack it with his sword and the silipede snaps around and in a flash scurries under the bedding and out the tent door. Neither of them see it leave and they poke and prod the bedding looking for it.

The silipede pauses outside looking for wizard. Seeing him, it swiftly scurries toward him. Kaira makes an effort to knife it as it snakes past her and misses. The silipede reaches wizard and wraps itself around the his right leg.

100xp ea to Mádratrian, Orion, Dorn, and Kaira add("Dorn", 100, "role playing"); $xp->add("Orion", 100, "role playing"); $xp->add("Kaira", 100, "role playing"); $xp->add("Mádration", 100, "role playing"); ?>

The quick babbling turns into a yell and Mádratrian tries to push it off. With a bit of humor, Kaira notices the silipede appears to be purring contentedly and rubbing itself against the wizard's legs.

Zuel wakes at the last yell from the wizard and stands up to watch. Dorn and Orion emerge from the tent and the dwarf lets out with a hearty belly laugh. Orion smirks and goes back into the tent to sleep.

add("Mádration", 150, "role playing"); ?>

Grom wakes up for a few moments with the voices clamoring for more sleep and chooses to go to sleep again by the fire. Sleep is a blessed escape from the unending squabble. Kaira evaluates the purring silipede and chooses to let it be while the wizard tries ineffectively to dislodge the purring silipede. Feeling like letting the night pass in quiet, the ranger and dwarf stretch out on their bedding next to the fire and are quickly dreaming.

add("Mádration", 50, "role playing"); ?>

Hours pass with the dark silence punctuated by quiet crackles and spits from the wood in the fire. Just as the early morning light begins to creep over the dark skies, Kaira spies a small coin bag with five rings in it, each of rings wrapped in fancy cloth. She carefully approaches and gently picks up the dirt and dust encrusted bag of rings.

add("Kaira", 200, "finds five magic rings"); ?>

Noticing the fire has died down quite a bit over the last couple hours, Kaira goes and gets a log, tosses it on the fire. The slight noise of the logs being rustled in the fire pit wakes Grom. He gets up and walks around, again playing with all the things he is wearing.

Kaira's curiosity prods her to ask him where he got everything. Grom gets a sly smile and mentions he has a secret. He shyly taps his cheek and acts coy. He wants a kiss from Kaira in trade for the secret. With a bit of reservation, she gives him a kiss on his cheek.

She questions Grom about where he got everything, and he describes how he got things from the nurses post and launches into a detailed spiel about everything he has and how he has tried it on and played with it.

In turn, Kaira mentions that she found a bag of rings in the back of the cave. Grom excitility wants to know what the rings do.

add("Grom", 200, "role play about rings and other items"); $xp->add("Kaira", 200, "role play about rings and other items"); ?>
The rings found by Kaira are as follows. The cloths and bag they are in have no magical properties and are indestructible except for exceptional damage.
  • The bronze ring grants the bearer magical armor much like stoneskin but as metal. Giving AC+3, the ring can be used for a sum total of 60 minutes in a day and must be soaked in water overnight to recharge.
  • The wooden ring allows the bearer to make simple requests of fibrous wood growing plants such as brush, thick vine, and trees. The bearer can command trees or heavy vines to grow quickly at will. The bearer can ask up to 12 actions a day.
  • The woven grass ring is very much the same as the Druidic pass without trace capability, and as such, this ring can only be used by Druids. It can be used twice a day.
  • The reddish gold and white gold ring is able to transmute metals with no damage to magical properties of the metal item. The bearer can use metal items normally if the action intended is normal like cutting with a knife. It can be used for for one hour a day and must be put into burning fire coals for an hour to recharge.
  • The ring that is completely clear like glass is similar to the True Seeing spell and can be used for up to 20 hours then must be recharged by a wizard.

The unshakable curiosity of his race cannot be overcome and Grom is eager to figure out what the rings do. He starts slipping them on. First the bronze one - he stares around looking to see if anything changed. Nothing. Disappointed, he tries the wooden one. Again, nothing. On goes the woven grass ring and still, nothing.

Maddeningly curious now he tries on the reddish gold and white gold ring. The moment he does he notices the bronze ring squishes between the finger he's wearing it on and the finger beside it. The bronze ring is malleable! Excited, he slips it off and plays with it. It molds easily to shape.

While Grom is playing with the other rings, Kaira puts on the crystal ring and a little smile crosses her face.

He forms it back into the shape it was ... or somewhat close that is, and slips it carefully back on his finger. A thought strikes him and he pulls out a small dagger. It flexes easily. He then draws it softly across his hand and it cuts slightly. He slips off the red gold ring and the metal objects are no longer malleable.

add("Kaira", 100, "role playing finding out what rings do"); $xp->add("Grom", 100, "role playing finding out what rings do"); ?>

It's time for the wooden ring. Putting it on he scrunches his eyebrows in concentration and tries to think things. A sudden twist of inspiration strikes him and he makes the connection between the wood of the ring and the forest around him. He thinks "grow" while focusing on a certain tree and it rapidly grows a branch a few feet. Next he turns to a bush and tries the same thing. The bush quickly doubles in size.

Creativity sparks within him and he spends a minute convincing Kaira to stand next to a tree and to let a tree grow around her feet. Kaira isn't too happy about being the subject of an experiment but accedes. He gets the tree to rapidly and securely grow around Kaira's booted feet. "Woo!" he says in excitement, "Ok, let me try something else." and he asks the tree to "hold her." The tree interprets this as to make an enclosure to keep her in place. Kaira is quickly surrounded in a bell of 1.5" thick stout wood.

add("Kaira", 300, "role playing finding out what rings do"); $xp->add("Grom", 300, "role playing finding out what rings do"); ?>

"Yay!" he says. "Ok, now get me out of here" she says, to which he quickly goes "uh oh." as his request to ungrow is ignored. "Just cut a hole that I can see out of here!" Kaira says a little bit impatiently.

Back in the tent, Orion wakes up finds ½ of his rations eaten, ¾ of the wizard's rations eaten, both backpacks thoroughly ransacked, and a big mess everywhere. Orion kicks the wizard in the head, knocking him out, then leaves the tent.

add("Mádration", 50, "5HP subdual by orion, knocked unconscious"); $xp->add("Orion", 50, "5HP subdual to wizard, knocked unconscious"); ?>

Hearing noises down the path, he carefully slides down across the ice to where he sees Grom chipping away at a strange wood formation. Mildly curious, he asks what Grom is up to and Grom sheeplessly tells him to help cut chip a hole.

After several minutes, they chip a hole in the wood and Kaira teleports out. Kaira, Orion and Grom have a fiesty pow-wow of what happened the night before and now in the tree. Kaira mind links w/ Orion and shows him the events of last night.

add("Kaira", 50, "rescuing kaira from wood jail grom built via ring"); $xp->add("Orion", 50, "rescuing kaira from wood jail grom built via ring"); $xp->add("Grom", 50, "rescuing kaira from wood jail grom built via ring"); ?>

Returning to the encampment, Grom goes to swipe wizards wand of invisibility and promptly starts belching frequently with severe stench to his belch breath. He sees the silipede laying a thick gooey turd in corner on wizards bedding. A bit alarmed, he goes to cast color spray on the silipede but belches loudly, interrupting the spell formation, The silipede dives under covers in a flash to escape the stench his belches have begun emitting.

Grom will suffer rancid belches for 4 hours, 50xp to Grom. add("Grom", 50, "belch curse lands on Grom"); ?>

Grom emerges from tent, eyes watering horribly and gagging, feeling sick to stomach. Orion and Kaira immediately recoil from the disgusting odor. Furious at the tent, Grom tries dragging it straight for the edge of the cliff. Kaira manages to convince him that it would probably be in their better interests to get the wizard out before tossing it over the edge. Together the three empty the wizard and silipede (watery eyed from fumes) out of the tent then drag all the tents to the cliff side and push them over. The tents slide down about 30 feet and catch on rocks. The wizard remains unconscious and the silipede coils up on him.

200xp ea to Orion, Kaira, Grom add("Kaira", 200, "role play belch reaction and tents"); $xp->add("Orion", 200, "role play belch reaction and tents"); $xp->add("Grom", 200, "role play belch reaction and tents"); ?>

The dwarf wakes up from the overwhelmingly nauseating odors flying freely from Grom's belly and runs directly for the downward path. He begins to vomit on the way and slips on the ice sliding straight past it at high speed and slams into tree on the far side, rather unskillfully knocking himself unconscious.

add("Dorn", 200, "reaction to belch"); ?>

Humored, Grom heaves and pulls, dragging the dwarf back up and puts him next to the fire all the while belching like never before. The wizard is left, still unconscious, near the fire pit on the ground and the silipede buries his face under Mádratrian's clothing to escape the stench. The ranger mercifully continues to sleep through the belch cloud.

add("Grom", 50, "role play dragging dwarf"); ?>

Orion and Kaira order Grom to belch downwind then sit by the fire for a while. In short order, Grom, Orion, and Kaira decide to go exploring further up the path. As they are walking up the freshly fallen snow in the early dawn, Kaira walks into a web spun across road by winter spider. Grom belches. The web is incredibly difficult to see and nobody manages to lay eyes on it. Orion sees Kaira get tangled and wiggling to move then she vanishes in front of his eyes and re-appears five feet behind. Her inherent power of teleportation is definitely handy!

add("Kaira", 85, "teleporting"); $xp->add("Orion", 50, "exploring"); $xp->add("Grom", 50, "exploring"); ?>

Orion thinks of an idea and starts throwing leaves, dirt, and snow into the path where Kaira was struggling and soon the web location is well defined. Little do they know but these motions have alerted two large spiders, one is a winter spider, the other a hunter spider. The two are working in tandem and sense a delicious meal waiting to be caught.

add("Orion", 100, "throws leaves, dirt, and snow on web"); ?>

Kaira uses her medallion to locate life and finds both spiders, one on each side of the path, up in the trees. The hunter spider moves directly to tree 20 ft from Kaira and watches her while the winter spider moves directly to tree on opposite side facing Orion.

Kaira quickly uses her bracers to create a telekinetic shield then points out the hunter spider to Orion. Orion spots it, then pulls his crossbow and turns, now looking for winter spider. Grom puts on the bronze ring and tries to convince Orion to wear his slippers. Thinking it might be a good idea since the slippers afford protection from paralyzing poison, he slips them on.

add("Kaira", 85, "uses medallion to find life forms and telekinetic shield"); $xp->add("Grom", 35, "tries to convince orion to wear slippers and puts on bronze ring"); $xp->add("Orion", 35, "use of slippers"); ?>

Grom belches for the 873rd time and tries to find the spiders. He sees the one next to Kaira who is backing up a dozen paces. He quickly asks the trees to "protect" the travelers and the trees around begin to quickly grow forming a thick canopy. Feeling that Kaira's retreat is a good strategy, Orion retreats a dozen paces too.

add("Grom", 35, "commanding trees to protect travelers"); ?>

The winter spider throws a web on Kaira, fully entangling her and the hunter spider jumps to ground in front of Orion and gets a quick bite in.

add("Orion", 20, "2 HP of damage to Orion with -1 temporary STR reduction, must be magically HEAL'ed."); ?>

Grom commands trees to attack the spiders instead of protect travelers and Kaira teleports outside the web as then changes her stance to fight defensively so she can dodge better. Moving five feet closer to the hunter spider, she attempts to attack it but misses. Orion swings deftly with his sword but the nimble spider is just as deft and the blade catches nothing but air.

The trees are quickly growing straight for the spiders in an attempt to spear them but the spiders are too nimble. Grom fumbles trying to shoot his crossbow. He loses his grip on it and it slips around for a few seconds then falls to ground. The bolt shoots forward down the path, luckily bolt misses everyone.

Again, Kaira tries to attack the spider with a flurry of blows and misses the incredibly nimble spiders again. Likewise, Orion's clean cut of the sword also misses but only just by a hair.

add("Kaira", 70, "flurry of blows"); $xp->add("Grom", 35, "commanding trees to grow"); $xp->add("Orion", 35, "deft manuevers"); ?>

The spider chooses to retreat with a jump and Orion takes advantage of the opportunity. It was this edge he needed and he sinks his blade deeply in the spider. He severs the spider's body in half, the top half from the bottom half. It's innards spilling to the ground. It crumples to the ground and it's twitching quickly subsides.

add("Orion", 100, "Orion hits for 10 points on the hunter spider, kills spider"); ?>

With a loud and nauseating belch, Grom picks up his crossbow and loads another bolt while Kaira throws a circle blade, trying carefully to hit. Using her innate abilities she throws again rapidly after her first misses. It too misses but just by a hair. Orion drops the sword and aims his crossbow and manages to sink a bolt solidly through the entire body of the spider.

add("Orion", 90, "Orion hit for 6pts of damage +3pts of extra damage from the shred bolt, 9 total"); $xp->add("Grom", 35, "role playing belches, dropped crossbow"); $xp->add("Kaira", 35, "repeat attack with circle blade"); ?>

The trees are trying quite rapidly to spear the spiders. With the hunter spider dead, the trees on that side of the path quickly change direction and begin crossing the path enmasse. The other trees aiming for the now wounded spider still miss.

The wounded winter spider attempts to retreat to a tree with a jump and staggers as it makes it's jump. It's aim being off it crashes ungainly into the trunk of the tree. With it's limbs rapidly flailing to get a grip on the tree it falls back to the ground and lands solidly on it's back twitching and jerking rapidly.

Kaira, thorougly frustrated with missing, takes careful aim again, and again misses. Orion's damage bolt flies swifty right after Kaira's attempt and strikes the edge of the spider's body. His next bolt, however, misses and sinks into the snow covered. ground.

add("Orion", 20, "2HP to spider"); ?> add("Kaira", 10, "Kaira's attempts to hit spider"); ?>

This time the tree spears spider solidly to ground neutralizing it's squirming and twisting of it's mangled body. Desperate, the spider attempts to throw another web on Kaira. Unable to manuever properly, the main thrust of the webbing shoots wide of it's mark and simply falls across the pathway missing everyone with only thin threads landing on Kaira and Orion. They quickly shake off the webbing and Grom finishes off the spider with a bolt from his crossbow.

add("Grom", 40, "4HP, killed spider"); ?>

By now, there is an irregular wall of tree growth about 8 feet tall from the ground up. Thoroughly dense except for a few inches of slits here and there that one can see through. The wall reaches entirely across the path.

Seeing an opportunity, Grom collects 2.5 gallons of STR reducing venom after managing to get Orion to let him use his drinking water bag. He explains that he won't need it with a magical canteen that he has.

the spider venom will do 1d4-2 points of temporary strength reduction to Orion that must be healed with magic Heal spell add("Grom", 100, "collecting spider poison"); ?>

Grom puts in some in a vial and in the water skin of his and of Orion's. After he finishes collecting the venom from the spider he decides to try out the rings again. Grom puts on metal bending ring and Orion wears the bronze ring, giving him the metallic skin protection. Grom reaches over and pinches Orion. A huge amount of colorful sparks and fire fly. Both Orion and Grom are jolted strongly and burned slightly. Grom gets blasted through the air and lands near the top of the tree wall. Gathering his senses, he tries to climb up and see over and suddenly an enormous belche flies out causing him to lose his grasp. He slips and slides down getting splinters and cuts the entire way down.

add("Grom", 110, "exploring rings - explosion"); ?> add("Orion", 110, "exploring rings - explosion"); ?>

Orion suffers burns all down the side of his face. Grom slowly gets to his feet checking his battle wounds. His curiousity never satisfied, he tries intensely to figure out what the grass ring does.

add("Grom", 50, "trying to discover grass ring benefits"); ?>

Regaining their breath, the trio heads back to campsite, Grom punctuating the crisp still morning air with frequent oral flatulence. Birds leave the trees near the path seeking shelter from the stench. Several birds fall out of the trees and gag trying to breath in the snow. Grom reluctantly trails behind Kaira and Orion a couple dozen paces. Reaching the camp Grom realizes there's a gash in his backpack and frantically rummages through it to see if anything is missing.

After a moment he sighs dejectedly, his whetstone is missing. It must have fallen out the hole. Kaira meanwhile quietly slipped the crystal ring on as they returned to the camp and looked around innocuously.

Mádratrian notices Orion looking for stuff in his backpack as well. "Hah. He got to your stuff too I see." "Is that thing yours???" Orion asks angrily. "I want nothing to do with it! I can't get rid of it!" the wizard replies.

add("Grom", 50, "role playing belches"); ?> add("Orion", 200, "role playing silipede"); ?> add("Mádration", 200, "role playing silipede"); ?> add("Kaira", 50, "role playing with crystal ring"); ?>

Everyone else in the camp who was left behind is eating breakfast except for the dwarf who, rather expectedly, is still snoring. Seeing Dorn puts Orion into a bit of a mood. Orion puts the bronze ring back on and goes over to punch the ledge wall. He hits very solidly causing multiple small chunks of rock to fly off and cracks to appear where he punched but he feels no pain.

add("Orion", 35, "putting bronze ring on and punching rock wall"); ?>

Jarlil quietly notices the punching but doesn't say anything.

Feeling more accomplished, Orion stuffs the wizard's ripped underwear into Dorn's mouth. This is enough to wake the dwarf. Finally!

add("Orion", 50, "role playing with wizard's underwear"); ?>

Dorn sputters and spits the clothing out, he twists to his feet and throws axe. Due to his quick waking and coming to his feet, he fumbles his throw and his axe goes flying right past the ranger and it embeds itself into one of the burning fire logs.

"Woah!" Orion yells, "I was just trying to get even! No need for this drama!" In reply, Dorn growls angrily, "I didnt shove that in your mouth - that is nasty!"

Grom rummages through the wizard's stuff while the party is distracted and makes away with the wand of invisibility. Happy, he casts invisibility on himself then starts running around, jumping up and down, trying to get Kaira's attention who is watching the drama unfold into a battle. Kaira focuses her full concentration on the battle ignoring Grom who is laying on the ground between her legs staring up wide eyed.

Orion quickly looks around for Grom who continues his antics and the ranger quickly steps back to avoid the ensuing combat. Jarlil just watches carefully while he eats his breakfast. Mádratrian's response is a little more vivid, he yelps and scurries well away from both Orion and Dorn.

The silipeed launches itself after the wizard and wraps itself about the wizard's feet and Orion looks around, "can anyone try to try to help me end this? - it was just a practical joke - Grom!" he says looking around in desperation.

Not finding Grom, he turns and runs from the dwarf who quickly charges after him.

Grom pulls the Rainbell out of his pocket while laying in between Kaira's legs and sets it down on the ground. Everyone hears the bell clearly. Kaira reaches down and grabs Grom by the neck surprising him and says "what did you just do?" Grom replies with "Let it play out." and slips a small belch.

Dorn races past them in his charge after Orion. Orion yells "Grom!" as he races away drawing and readying his crossbow next to the ice.

A globe of force springs up surrounding Kaira & Grom, who is still invisible, and grows outward. Unfortunately it stops just short of catching Dorn in his headstrong rush. Grom rings the rainbell again and the globe smoothly recedes and disappears. He stuffs the bell in his pocket and darts after Orion but stops midway as the other three are well ahead of him.

Kaira, quite a bit faster than all three, races past them to stand near Orion. Dorn continues the charge and swings his axe at Orion who is steady and prepared for the charge. He easily parries Dorn's swing and takes advantage of the move to briskly run up the rock wall to the top of the ledge.

Grom steps out to the edge of the pathway to watch. Mádratrian pensively turns to head outside by Grom to see what is happening.

"Are we done with this? 'Cause I am not going to attack you back" says Orion and the frustration is clearly evident in his voice. In answer, Dorn yells absentities at Orion, leans back, and throws his axe. The axe hits Orion quite solidy on his arm but bounces off.

Orion yells down "are we done now?" Zuel and Mádratrian make it to the edge of the pathway just in time to see the axe deflect off of Orion's arm and hear Dorn yell "give me back my axe!" The dwarf begins to climb and simply slips and slides instead of climbing up the ledge.

Orion tries to a ruse, acting like he is really afraid of Dorn, but the dwarf sees through the attempt. Dorn continues to try to climb and repeatedly fails. He just doesn't have the dexterity to accomplish it. Eventually he fails and sits down on a rock to fume while Orion keeps trying to pacify him.

He sits with his hands on his hips grumbling and bothered while Orion tries to convince the dwarf to just drop the issue. Eventually the idea of breakfast overcomes his desire to pummel the cleric and he agrees. Dorn asks for axe back and Orion tosses it down and the dwarf stomps back in to eat breakfast.

With the excitement over, everyone goes back in to finish off eating breakfast.

add("Grom", 280, "use of the wand, antics, and rainbell"); ?> add("Kaira", 100, "ignoring Grom underneather her"); ?> add("Orion", 500, "game play"); ?> add("Dorn", 750, "rented PC"); ?> add("Zuel" , 250, "rented PC"); ?> Orion has -1 STR reduction until magically HEAL'ed
xp_summary(); print $xp->log_summary(); ?>