Tumbly Rock

Magical rock, 5 inches in diameter, rough hewn shape - pitted and craggy, such as volcanic that easily catches on things. If it rolls over soft materiels such as cloth, the cloth will take 1d2-1 points of damage. Rock cannot be crushed or destroyed in any manner save that it be soaked or doused with spearmint tea. The rock always has a faint but noticeable spearmint scent to it.

In what some would call a curse, the rock will follow it's owner exactly five feet away from it at ALL times. If something attempts to stop the rock from following it's owner, it will pause for a few seconds then burst through the object attempting to stop it. The object will suffer 5d10 points of bursting damage if it fails to, or is incapable of yielding to the rock.

If the object stopping the rock is immovable such as a magical wall, the rock will create a miniature wormhole warp and pop through the magical item and regain normal size on the other side of the magical wall. Such a wormhole will only occur for a magical object. The rock will reasonably attempt to roll around/above/below an object attempting to stop it IF such movement is in a forward motion. That is, the rock will not attempt to roll backwards in order to move around something. If it is incapable of advancing forward, it WILL burst through the object restraining it regardless of the object's size, thickness, or strength.

If the rock encounters a gaseous or liquid surface to roll on, it will fall until it hits a solid surface then continue to roll in the direction of it's owner.

The owner can not get rid of the rock except by a near death experience (negative hit points). In which case the rock will sit idle. The rock will never pick the same owner again. If any person comes within five feet of the rock, they are immediately the new owner of the rock, there is no saving throw. If not owned by midnight, the rock will warp one day's journey in a random direction. If the rock encounters a road, it will prefer to follow the road. It's appearance is a striated dark and light gray and may contain bits and pieces of any object that it's prickly volcanic surface has collected in it's rollings or burstings.

Two method of destruction: