Travelers Tent

Small tent fits four small (1/2 human size) comfortably or three regular human sized folk.

Protects against the elements with a touch of magic. Rain and snow do not reach the tent, they are kept away by a force shield, water on the ground stays a good five feet from the tent. Same goes for the wind. Bitter cold temperatures are only normal cold. In the sun the tent offers a cool refreshing rest area. Noises are dampened. The drawback to this is the inability to make normal listen checks. Listen checks are done at a -8 penalty. The tents also provide warding security. A blanket of warding wraps the tent which renders invisible any outside scrying or psionic voyerism.

One of the parties that borrowed or rented the tents in the past managed to get a curse into one of them. Whenever a person enters the tent, there is a 10% chance (for each person) of getting a temporary curse applied. After the curse has attacked someone, it jumps to another randomly chosen tent.

If a curse successfully attaches to a person (no saves), it lasts 1d8 hours and will be (1d10 roll):

  1. Insatiable lust for the next person they see, victim suffers -4 to all rolls involving INT/CHA/WIS/PER checks and -2 to DEX when they are within sight of this other person
  2. Intolerable disgust for the next person they see, same rolls as (1)
  3. An appetite that won't quit. Afflicted person will attempt to eat all food he can find. Victim must make a successful CON check every 30 minutes or suffer a hitpoint of damage to digestive organs
  4. Person suffers an itch somewhere on their body that cannot be rubbed away. -4 to DEX & PER related rolls. Location (1d8):
    1. arms
    2. torso
    3. legs
    4. head
    5. groin,
    6. armpits
    7. feet
    8. butt
  5. Person suffers incontrollably from constant farts, 0-50% chance of farts being either incredibly nauseous to everyone within 20 feet or being sound effects only. If odorous, all people within 20 feet suffer -4 to CON, CHA, PER, and DEX.
  6. Same as #5 but for belches.
  7. Victim hears voices and sounds. (50-99%) chance victim earnestly believes they are real. -4 to PER rolls.
  8. Victim feels incredibly rubber legged and rubber armed. victim suffers -4 penalty to STR/DEX.
  9. Victim can't stop laughing, -4 to PER/CHA/WIS related rolls.
  10. Victim talks incessently. -4 to PER/CHA related rolls.