The Thrueth is a small flattened bubble of semi-flexible clear material. Appearing like a half melted dollup of silicon. When placed on a surface and tapped once, gently, it expands to about 5inches in diameter and opens a hole in whatever material it is placed on. The hole remains about 5 inches in diameter for the entire length, and the length of the hole continues until it breaches the other side of the object placed on it. If placed on the side of a mountain, it will continue through the dirt until it reaches a cavern or the other side of the mountain.

The opening is semi-ridgid and with increasing difficulty may be expanded. Each additional inch of radial expansion (1 inch radial is two inches diameter) is one higher DC point. Base DC for expansion is 10. A maximum of two attempts to expand the Thrueth hole can be made. If the second roll is lower than the first, the hole cannot be stretched any further. Therefore, the maximum possible hole is 5+(20*2), or 45 inches in diameter.

The opening created by the Thrueth lasts for 1d20+10 minutes at which point the edges wiggle for several seconds and it collapses in on itself to become the small form. The hole is magically repaired. Anything remaining in the hole when it closes becomes buried within the hole when the material of the hole is restored. If a person's arm is in the hole, it is cleanly cut off and the person must make a constitution check or suffer shock and fall unconscious, temporarily losing all hitpoints as non-lethal damage.

The Thrueth may be used once per day. Closing the Thrueth early is accomplished by quickly tapping on it's edge twice.