Rope of Sapping

Description50 feet of "silk" rope, 50% chance of invisibility during attack
Type of attackStandard action to command the rope, touch attack only, not entanglement
Duration of sappingUp to 4 hours
Chance of discoveryDC10+holder level vs. Passive Perception of victim
Chance of failurenone
FrequencyCan be used repeatedly until success, one success per day
Speed2 squares (10 feet) unless thrown towards victim or magically carried
SavesDC12+holder level vs. Reflex (save: victim must see or feel rope, see chance of discovery above)
Effective againstAll creatures including non-corporeal

Depending on the wish of the holder, either saps from the victim (or object), or gives to the victim any ONE thing. The effect is to temporarily take from one person or object and give to the holder, any feat, magical ability, skill, etc. This includes any PC ability like Strength, Dexterity, etc. Also included is anything that the victim has or is touching. Once the ability or power has been used it immediately returns to the victim. Until the magic or skill is used, the victim is not capable of using it. Any magical spell or power cannot last longer than it's normal duration. I.e. a magic missile doesn't come into existence for the 1 minute/level of holder. Sapped powers or skills may be held instead of immediate use but must be used within 4 hours. Attempting to sap a second while still using or holding the first, will immediately release the first regardless of success for the 2nd. You cannot sap "everything" from a victim. A (sentient) victim may notice the attack by succeeding at a DC10+holder level.

The rope can slither towards the victim itself at a slow speed of 2 squares (10 feet/rnd). The rope can also be thrown at the victim or carried by magic. The tossed rope need not make contact from the throw and resumes slithering towards the victim from where it lands. The attacker may let go of the rope but must make contact with the rope while the rope is in contact with the victim to make the successful sapping. The attacker may withdraw the rope at any time with or without sapping.

If someone else notices the rope when it's not being held by the owner and if they grab it, they are the new owner and any previous loyalty is immediately lost.

The rope has a 50% chance of being invisible for the duration of the attack. Sapping happens immediately on contact if no save. The attacker chooses which power, skill, or ability to sap. This feature can only be used once per day regardless of changing holders and renews at first light of the sun. The rope can also sap something such as strength from the victim. It will only sap any value above the median for that value. I.e. a Strength of 12 can be sapped for 4 points, Hit Points can be sapped for ½ of max. These are temporary for the holder and cannot be regained from healing. After “use”, they return (as used) to the victim. I.e. one HP used, one returned. 17 used, 17 returned. As usual, they must be used within the use overall time frame.

Magical spells or abilities (including psionics) of the victim or something the victim has on their person or is touching, are sapped in their entirety. Magic effects not requiring continued concentration such as a magical shield that are sucked out continue for the remaining benefit of the magic regardless of the future state of the original spellcaster or object. The recipient of a psionic effect enjoys the same remaining benefit except that should the original psionic die, the psionic benefit vanishes.

Skills, abilities, other character stats are sapped down to “normal”, or their average value. You can sap skill points down to no less than 4. 7 points of intelligence of 15 can be sapped from a character. Remember, if you sap 7 pts of strength from someone then use that for an attack, the victim gets it back as soon as your attack is done. It is as light-weight and thin as silk and just as durable. For any intents and purposes, it resembles plain silk rope.

For example, Jan is the holder of this rope and commands it to slither to Meel'son. Meel'son has a cloak of invisibility. This invisibility would be sapped from Meel'son without his knowledge except such sapping would be immediately noticed. I.e. standing in front of a mirror looking at himself. Meel'son would not normally notice the rope touching him if it is invisible. Meel'son would notice a drain on himself if his strength would be sapped and could therefore make a save. If the rope was visible for the attack and he saw it, Meel'son stands an excellent chance of avoiding being touched by the rope. The capacity of invisibility would be sucked from the cloak and be available to Jan. Jan must activate any magical function within four hours of sapping it. Jan is 3rd level thus the invisibility can only last up to three minutes regardless of the original magic duration.

Any magic or power that is extraordinary can of course be dangerous for the holder to wield. Attempting to use it could be disastrous in any number of ways. The holder is very much aware of it. The DM should feel free to make the holder increasingly paranoid or panicky for a powerful spell. It is important to note that sapping an "evil" power from a creature does not cause injury to the holder. A paladin can sap a heavily powerful necrotic spell or effect from an artifact without worry. Using said power on the other hand ...