Grummulous Grew of Binding

Long slender ½ transparent bottle filled with a thick bubbly liquid stoppered with a large cork. To activate, holder pulls out the cork and whispers konrit! The liquid will begin pouring out in a quickly flowing stream of ooze. The viscosity of the ooze is about that of warm honey. The ooze will slowly harden within 1d20 seconds to 1d4 minutes. If additionally mixed with water, the ooze will take 3d20 to react then suddenly catalyze into a solid materiel in 1d10 seconds.

If mixed with another materiel such as sand and pebbles, it will produce a solid mass with an initial hardness of 18 and break DC of 10 at 1 inch thick, 15 at 2 inches thick, and increasing by 1 for every additional inch.

The ooze can be uncorked for up to 30 minutes per week and will make a pool 50,000 cubic feet in area, or 50ft x 50ft x 20ft.