Garotte Winder

The Garotte winder is a magical weapon. It normally appears as a braided ring around the owner's hand. It obeys simple commands against an intended victim. The garotte can be commanded to a) non-fatally strangle the victim to the point of unconsciousness, b) or encompass any desired part of the body and constrict slowly until the garotte has completely closed and sliced the body part off. The garotte can encompass a maximum of 50 inches in circumference. The Garotte is very thin and can be saved against with a DC 15 +owner level attempt to cut the wire with a knife. Being magical, the garotte immediately flies through the air and reforms into the shape of a ring on the owner's hand. The garotte uses a standard ranged attack with no magical bonuses, if it fails, it immediately returns shaped as a ring on it's owner's hand. If the attack is successful the garotte closes at 10% per round. I.e. on the 11th round the circled object will be cut off. Damage caused by the encircling is 1 hit point per round with no blood loss from the wound. The garotte is considered a +1 weapon. If it is instructed to cut through a magical device that is +1 or higher, the garotte will be destroyed.