Everburn Log

This log will burn continuously as long as it is placed in a ring of stones or a stone pit. Once it is removed it will immediately extinguish and be cool to the touch. The log is 4 inches in diameter and 18 inches long. In all other aspects it is a normal log with weight and appearance.

The log burns continuously when placed in a ring of stones. The stones just form a continuous circle. Breaking the circle stops the burn as does taking the log out from the circle. The log will also burn if placed in a solid stone pit.

It has an oddity about it. Every once in a while (5% chance per hour) it will spit burning sap 1d8 feet. The sap will burn for 10 minutes and cannot be extinguished except by a magical canceling of a "fire" spell. If the sap lands on a person it will burn 1d2 points of damage every minute.