Seemingly a normal appearing egg, slightly smaller than that of a chickens, these eggs will feed and revive the persons eating them. Each egg heals a person for 1d8 points of damage within 30 minutes of eating and stimulates one random skill or ability by +3 for 1d10 hours.

Possible randomly chosen (30% chance) side effects occurring one hour after eating the eggs:

  1. Subject produces bowel movements that is in fact the laying of 1d10 of these eggs. The production of each egg is a 5 minute, one at a time, process inducing mild nausea, stomach and groin pain. Subject may attempt to hold in eggs by making a Con DC 15 check every 30 minutes and suffering coninued stomach pain until they lay them (-1 Dex & -1 Str). Holding them in may cause rapid fire laying of all eggs at once however. This may cause the newly layed eggs to make several random bounces around the room each.
  2. Subject begins growing feathers over entire body. The feathers will make a thick insulating and water resistant cover and last for 1d4 hours.
  3. Subject will have the urge to break out in a cackle and lay an egg without warning 1d4 times over the next 24 hours.