Drippy Canteen

This canteen will provide fresh clean water in two different ways. Normally a person can open the canteen and drink from it. If passed around a party, the canteen can support up to a dozen party members with normal drinking habits during the day.

One can also open the canteen and let it drain continuously to fill a tub. This provides 5d20 gallons of water and will deplete the canteen for an entire day. If the owner puts the canteen near a fire beforehand to warm it, then the water coming out will be warm or hot based on the time the canteen was near a source of heat.

The canteen can be recharged by burying it in the earth overnight. Overnight is roughly 6-8 hours. One cannot pack a sack of dirt to carry with them, and bury the canteen in this dirt. It must be placed in the actual ground.

If the canteen is buried next to a river, it will recharge in five minutes.

If the canteen is damaged externally (it is a metal bottle covered in canvas) such as scratches, tears, pokes, cuts, etc, then it will drip coninuously. It must be magically mended to stop the drip.