Cap of stealth

This is a thin magical spun cotton cap that grants complete audio and visual invisibility to the wearer. Invisibility lasts for 10 minutes per level of wearer. The cap may be used twice a day. The cap may be worn constantly, activating it is as simple as tapping it twice - directly or indirectly. If the cap is knocked off, the invisibility is immediately lost. The bearer's head remains comfortable regardless of the surrounding temperature.

The curse of the Xyxx

This cap will place a strange curse on the wearer. For every five minutes that it is worn, it will for that many nights thereafter, change the gender of the wearer at midnight - regardless of whether the hat is ever worn again. No saving throw but Remove Curse can be used normally. When the curse wears off the original gender of wearer is regained.

The particular gender attraction will fluctuate randomly 50/50 and is likely to cause significant personal confusion. The affected person will have an insatiable desire to mate and will pick a random party member to bed each night. If the chosen mate is attracted to the current gender, they must make a will save with DC10+bonus of affected member to resist sleeping with affected member.

If the genders of the two members is male and female, there is a 50% chance the female will become pregnant due to affected member's exceptionally virile state. Once pregnant, the baby will not be aborted by another sex change. If the pregnant party member is the cursed one and orginally male, they will need to discover how to birth the child (Cesarean Section). The baby is altogether normal, not magical, nor a disease, nor an injury and cannot be done away with except by cutting it out. Doing so of course will promptly incur the ramifications of murder and heavy emotional/personal loss.