Delray Beach D&D monster ass kickers

Gaming Information

WhenFriday nights at 7pm
Where15457 Jackson Rd, Delray Beach or David's cell# is 319-GETBLU3 (438-2583)



The agenda is simple. Meet for a few minutes over a simple meal/BBQ & sodas, spend a few minutes discussing any questions or comments from the previous session, then begin the current gaming session.

I encourage strong creative and imaginative gaming. When I DM, bonus XP is awarded for innovative planning and solutions, role playing, etc. That doesn't mean dressing up in garb, it means putting -character- into your character, creatively attacking a foe instead of "I shoot him for 3 points of damage." We're pretty relaxed. Only one really major rule - leave the bullshit somewhere else. A chicken or burger bbq as people are rolling in will be a regular thing. The first one was on us and we'd appreciate pitching in a few bucks if you enjoy the nibbles.

We do have a kitty in the house if you have such an allergy. Additionally, smokers must smoke away from the house. We have a big back yard with plenty of room to air your habit before returning to the game. Both of us are sensitive to cigarette smoke and I take medication for it.


The actual address is 15457 Jackson Rd, Delray Beach FL 33484. Recommended stuff to bring: DND books, dice, laptops, game accessories. We will have a map to use sometimes so if you have a minature you associate with your character, feel free to bring it, or them.

If you have an interest in being a DM then please let me know.

BBQ food will often be seasoned chicken breasts, bread, tea and fruit juice. If you have a food allergy please let us know. We usually don't do soda. If you want soda, please bring your own. You are welcome to bring along snacks, drinks, food, etc. Drunk fuckers will be kicked to the curb next to the drama bitches.

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Please park in the driveway labeled A first, then if necessary, on the grass labeled B.

From FTL:
  1. North on I-95 to Linton (now turn left)
  2. West on Linton to Military Trail (now turn right)
  3. North on Military Trail to Lake Blvd (now turn left, becoming a U-turn onto road paralleling Military Trail.
  4. Follow Monroe until you are forced to turn right (onto Cleveland)
  5. Follow Cleveland until it ends at the entrance facing our driveway
From WPB:
  1. South on I-95 to Atlantic (now turn right)
  2. West on Atlantic to Military Trail (now turn left)
  3. South on Military Trail to Lake Blvd (now turn SLIGHTLY right, then straight ahead onto road paralleling Military Trail.
  4. Follow Monroe until you are forced to turn right (onto Cleveland)
  5. Follow Cleveland until it ends at the entrance facing our driveway

When leaving our place we suggest you return the way you came. Please do not pull into the middle of the intersection at Lake, Monroe, and Military Trail. It is an actual intersection and traffic WILL come through it while you are waiting for the light to turn green. If you return along Monroe you and you are making a south-bound turn onto Military you are permitted to make right hand turns through this intersection, traffic permitted.

If you are going north on Military, you must wait behind the stop sign until the light turns green. The traffic that faces Military gets to go first. The south side of the intersection goes second and the north side goes last.

IF YOU ARRIVE at this intersection facing military (Lake Blvd), you must stay behind the stop sign. If you pull forward of the stop sign, you are likely to be hit by another vehicle coming from Military onto Monroe.

In short, obey the stop signs.